Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

Have you ever wondered what makes some people appear so happy and perfect all the time? Usually you run into these people on a day when absolutely everything is going wrong. Am I right? Photo credit: cogdogblog / Foter / CC BY-SA The dog and/or … [Read more]

Fluid Relationship or False Religion?

Occasionally I will read a passage and it resonates with me so deeply I rehearse the words over and over again for days. This past week, Psalm 33 has been that passage for me. The psalm is a patchwork of praise and prompting, reminding us of God's … [Read more]


My friend Nathan has a completely magical way with children. (Literally...he uses magic in his presentations. He is a missionary to Brazil, by the way, and you should connect with him here and watch a video about his ministry here.  If you're lucky, … [Read more]

Idle Time or Idol Time?

"You can't see me!" Lately I have found myself playing peek-a-boo with life. My schedule gets a little too hectic or work requires a little too much brain-power and I find myself wanting to escape for a while. I figuratively put my hands over … [Read more]

The Practice of Worship

He was a good man. A godly man. He raised his children well. He ran his home and business well. And in a moment, it was all gone. The Bible records this story for us in the book of Job. Job was a man that God was proud to call His own. God praised … [Read more]

Human Trafficking: Supply and Demand

When confronted with the horrific facts of human trafficking, a common question rises to the surface of many minds. Why does this happen? The answer is simple. Human trafficking is a business of supply and demand. People want cheap products. … [Read more]

Human Trafficking: What Is It?

  In the introductory post for this series, "Human Trafficking: An Old Business with a New Name," the history of human trafficking was discussed in its root form, slavery. Today the umbrella term is referred to as "Modern Day Slavery" to … [Read more]

Human Trafficking: An Old Business with a New Name

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month The term “human trafficking” is a bit of a buzz word right now. It is getting a great deal of attention in the media, but it is anything but new. In fact, it has been recorded in the earliest of records … [Read more]

My Grown Up Christmas List

I am the queen of the Christmas list. Just ask my mother. A minimum of five pages, organized by category and in order of importance. However, since becoming more aware of the needs in the world around me, it's been harder to think just of me and all … [Read more]

Fiction Friday: Hide and Seek

The hands of the mason move in tandem in silent rhythm. The creator is blind to his creation. Stone upon stone. Row upon row. Suddenly he blinks and a wall is before his eyes, blocking his view ahead. He turns and finds he is alone in a cell of his … [Read more]