To the Angel at Allume

You don't know me and I don't know you. I think you told me your name, but I can't remember. I can feel the touch of your hand on my arm, but I can't see your face. It's blurry from the tears I couldn't keep inside for another minute. I didn't even … [Read more]

What I Learned at Strip Church Training

I went into a strip club on Saturday. Several actually. And strangely, I felt at home. I think it's because Jesus was there. This weekend, I was ministered to by the organizers of Strip Church Training, a ministry of XXX Church. The ministry … [Read more]

It’s Not Personal…It’s Business

Sometimes we humans like to wrap ourselves in philosophies meant to protect us emotionally from lifeā€”like bubble wrap minus the super fun moment of childlike glee behind your closed office door. We say, "Sticks and stones..." and "It's not … [Read more]

Jesus Loves Strippers

I firmly believe that when Jesus directed His followers to go into "all the world" that He meant it. That is why I moved to Charlotte to begin Infusion. Charlotte? Yes, Charlotte, North Carolina, in the Bible belt of a country once known for its … [Read more]

I Didn’t Get a Bridal Shower

I don't have a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I don't have pretty every-day dishes and matching glasses for twelve. I don't have a dining room table or bedroom furniture, and I don't have a joint checking account. Why? Because I never got married. I never had a … [Read more]

Quiet and Peace

I have often heard a frazzled woman say some variation of, "Can I please just get a little peace and quiet for a minute?" Peace and quiet. Both can be rare commodities, especially in today's constant stream of media, social and otherwise. The Lord … [Read more]

Fiction Friday: Rest in Motion

Taking a break from the work at hand, Maria stands from her desk and steps out on the patio. She is surprised to discover the evening has turned cool for the first time since summer arrived months before. Breathing deeply she looks to the sky and … [Read more]

The Immeasurable Worth of One

During the last seven months of women's ministry, I've sensed something amiss when sharing with others what God has been doing. In the daily work, it is exciting and thrilling to see God move hearts, change mindsets, and bring understanding and … [Read more]

The Big “But”

"I know I'm supposed to tell the truth, but..." "I know God says I need to do this, but..." "I know what I'm doing is a sin, but..." What are we supposed to do when life seems to tower like a giant over what we know is the right thing to do? … [Read more]

A Good Hurt

Have you ever had someone rub your shoulders when they were really tight, and it hurt, but it was a good hurt? That pretty much sums up my week. I cried. Not once. Not twice, but THREE TIMES. Anyone that knows me well can testify to the rarity of … [Read more]